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​Every parent wants to raise happy, confident children, who are able to form satisfying personal relationships, achieve their goals and are successful in school and later life. The Tuning into Kids program offers parents practical skills to assist their children master the emotional and social abilities needed to develop into self-confident and well-adjusted young people.

I am a trained facilitator of the Tuning into Kids group program. If you would like to host a parent program at your school, child care centre, mother's group or other setting, please contact me



Tuning into Kids is a six session group program aimed at providing parents with specific skills that help their children learn to understand and regulate their emotions.

It teaches parents:

  • Awareness and regulation of their own emotions

  • Awareness of their children’s emotions

  • To use children’s emotional experiences as an opportunity for closeness & teaching
  • Skills in assisting children to verbally label and manage their emotions
  • Skills in assisting children in problem solving
  • To guide children’s behaviour with appropriate limits

The research evaluation of the Tuning in to Kids program found improvements in children’s emotional competence, social skills and behaviour when parents learned these parenting skills. For children with behaviour or anxiety problems, the program was particularly effective.

The ideas and techniques taught in the program are useful for parents of children of all ages, but are particularly relevant for parents of pre- and early school children.

This information and more is available at the Tuning into Kids website.


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